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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  December 21, 2015 3:00pm-3:29pm PST

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news 3 live at 3:00 starts right now. good afternoon. jeff in for reed. lakeisha holloway has been identified as the suspect. marie: jessica valenzuela was killed as holloway ran into pedestrians. antonio joins us live more on this. police are telling you this was intentional. antonio: we had the details. the police report describes a tired mother. lakeisha holloway said to police officers that security officers
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once she was arrested, she said i want others to feel my pain. the rundown on what happened sunday night, the sheriff says lakeisha holloway was behind the wheel of a car that injured 35 people and killed an arizona woman. holloway drove the car onto the sidewalk. police say holloway was caught a mile away at a casino. she went up to the casino and asked for them to call 911. >> the suspect drove her car over pedestrians. some jumped on her car and banged on her, trying to get her to stop, but she did not. antonio: police say a lot of the
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please take holloway showed no signs of alcohol, and the district attorney tells us she will be facing a murder charge and several attempted murder charges. she is expected in court tomorrow or wednesday. jeff: what an awful night. continuing our coverage, if you have lived in las vegas along -- a long time, it sounds familiar. marie: terrible to say we have seen this before, but that is the truth. not just once but twice in our state. tom has been going to the archives. tom: 10 years ago, eyewitness account down like what happened yesterday.
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tom: those were the sounds of tourists struck by car. and off toduty police officer was having lunch. >> it jumped over the wall, ended up hitting the stonewall near the walkway, and took the suspect into custody. tom: a longtime drug and alcohol addicts became angry. three people were killed. this brought memories of thanksgiving day 1988 on virginia street. >> is coming straight at us. tom: she had been drinking and said he a voice told her to do it. >> [indiscernible]
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>> can you name some of them? >> jesus christ. tom: she was sentenced to die in the gas chamber. she showed no remorse. >> [indiscernible] tom: the method of execution was later changed to lethal injection, it appeals drag on. she died in the cinema in this she died from emphysema. >> the strip crash is not the only deadly incident today. a woman from las vegas was killed in a crosswalk this morning in the southwest valley. the accident occurred after 6:00 at jones and patrick. gaston montanez from las vegas
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destined with his mercedes. the victim's name has not been released. marie: the field of republican candidates running for president narrative today with lindsey graham suspending his campaign. jeff: this is as trump -- >> lindsey graham calls it quits. he could not gain ground with voters. mr. graham: today i am suspending i campaign for president. i want to thank everyone. >> he ran his campaign around national security, pushing for more troops in iraq and syria. mr. graham: was my fellow candidates have come to recognize this is what is needed. >> now the support popularity of his good friend senator john
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>>'s support will go elsewhere and you will see an effort on the establishment side to go after trump and consolidate around one candidate. >> graham has been critical of trump. his name came up nine times during the democratic debate. now trump demand in as and apology. mrs. clinton: they are showing he is showing donald trump consulting muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> trump denied the accusations. mr. trump: she will be a disaster as president. >> a spokesman rejected any apology, saying trump's rhetoric helps isis.
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for mr. porter is set for next month. is one of six officers facing g charges in the death of freddy gray. freddy gray suffered a spinal injury and was shackled during the ride, but officers did not put a seat belt on him. his death set off protests earlier this year. the driver of the van is to face trial next on january 6. jeff: an air france flight is forced to make an emergency landing. plus, the station in china after a massive landslide. >> clouds are northern california into southern nevada. as will be an interesting
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to someone who just lost everything. that, "yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay" and "yes, your children will have breakfast." every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise.
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jeff: you're listening to the sounds and looking at the site of the landside in southern china, captured by witnesses. dust and mud can be seen rising collapsing. the landslide buried 33 buildings and resulted in 91 people missing. no deaths have been reported. jeff: passengers arrived in paris on board that air france jet forced to make an emergency landing in kenya. the flight they a landing yesterday after a passenger reported a suspicious device in the bathroom. hundreds of passengers to the plane on emergency slides. that device was a fake bomb. six passengers are being questioned. marie: the fda lifting a ban on blood donations. jeff: the new requirements for game men who want to -- for gay
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jeff: the fda has lifted the ban on gay men donating blood. gay and bisexual men will be allowed to become donors. they had to abstain from sex for the prior 12 months, and the fda stated no transmission of hiv, hepatitis b or c viruses have been documented through products in the past decades. the u.k. and australia have a 12-month blood donation different for men who are gay and bi. a report of a new outbreak of e. coli, five people have become in three states between november 18 and 26. the mexican food chain has been grappling with an outbreak of october, forcing the closing of
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the initial outbreak need 53 people sick. shares of chipotle tumbled today. marie: who cares if you cannot carry a tune? singing, regardless you are on tune, may help stave off early stages of dementia. a control group received standard care. after 10 weeks, the scene creek showed that the singing group showed improvement in memory. jeff: the businessman of the most hated man in america has lost another job. martin schkreli was vilified after hiking the price of a drug by more than 5000%. today a company announced schkr eli was fired as the ceo.
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property assets and stocks to compensate investors in a money-losing hedge fund. schkreli claims he was arrested because the drug price hike that making in tennis. >> and lift off, the stuff of the 62nd progress resupply vehicle from the -- marie: to resupply the international space station, the spacecraft will deliver more than two tons of cargo, including water. the spacecraft sports and external compartment that enables it to deploy small satellites. it has a new tv camera that you aid views of the vehicle arriving at the station. it is expected to dock wednesday.
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it feels like a monday. christmas week. marie: there is kevin. a lot of people are making this travel plans. they want to know what you had. kevin: people going to the northeast will like the mild temperatures. not only for this week, but it looks like the next two to three weeks. the southwest we will maintain these cooler than normal temperatures with a double shot of clouds and colder air. the clouds lit up the skies for the sunrise this money, but we had waves of clouds going through. very little sunlight, and we will see that tomorrow. out at red rock, elizabeth of sunshine early, a couple rays in the afternoon. not a picture-perfect day to do a little hiking.
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215, 54 degrees. no wind. next stop, jones lake mead 46 agrees with 57% humidity. and when mel at 51 degrees. rest of the valley, mid-40's at the lake. if you neighbors in the mid-50's, so if the summer out, it would not feel that bad, but with a cloud cover, a little bite. overton at 52. so car in mccarran, top temperature has reached 51. the morning low of 39 degrees. we will be warmer tomorrow. we will start in the 40's, mid-50's at lunchtime, and that high will be around 60 degrees. i am a little slightly nervous about the wind because we have strong winds around us. it does not appear they will
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there goes one front of the northeast, gone by the holiday. the system we watch is driving this moisture down. the sierra soaking it up. it is not getting over the crest right there. i would not be surprised that a few areas of showers do so tomorrow, but not a "the clouds being shoveled down to the west. strong winds in west san bernardino county, north possible, but i don't think the winds will be here. we will get that the of clouds, and system number two will be a player for the christmas holiday. tonight, mountains only at 34, as is pahrump. high temperatures tomorrow, 60. death valley, 62. for the las vegas valley, 43 for the low temperature.
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tomorrow, more clouds, a ray were to caps on -- a ray or two. we're looking for the temperatures to drop even though we get warmer temperatures on wednesday. then watch out for two searches of wind, thursday night, the friday morning, and i could produce a couple of flurries. no snowmen built on christmas in las vegas. the second will be saturday night into sunday, with lows around 30. not a top 10 christmas holiday for the weather. jeff: i swim outside every morning. i got to tell you something, when it is 29, 30, 32, when you
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kevin: i cannot imagine if the wind is blowing. jeff: delivery companies are using new ways to keep your packages safe from thieves.
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[siren] this is how you say it's going to be okay to someone who just lost everything. that, "yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay" and "yes, your children will have breakfast." every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise.
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dana: good afternoon. one of the biggest mistakes that took place last night, the miss universe pageant, and the winner is --
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dana: they gave her the flowers and everything. the problem was miss colombia didn't win. [no audio] dana: miss philippines. steve harvey apologized on twitter, but that did not go well. he tweeted out the wrong
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and the force has taken over theaters around the country. "star wars" blasted box office records, shattering records set by "jurassic world" in june. he did not go perfectly at every theater. >> no! dana: this happened on friday night in holland white. the projecter quick working. eventually the film played 15 minutes ahead. everyone was refunded their money. now to monterey, california, a cuddly newborn to get a glimpse. mommy otter spent the morning feeding the pup and grooming
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jeff: thank you. if i were steve harvey, i would be finding the best rock to crawl under. marie: don't they had first run ner up tiara? find the biggest bouquet they can find. jeff: i felt so badly for everybody. if you have a drone or getting one for christmas, as an listen up. marie: the rules you will have to follow, coming back.
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